Saturday, May 29, 2010

Monkey News!
Vicous Monkey is now on Kickstarter to raise money fr manufacturing.
Check out this video!
Vicious Monkey Guitars have arrived!
The 1st Edition Vicious Monkey guitars have come in!
These a replica's of some of our favorite guitars.
More guitars will arrive in a few months with all original designs.
The Amazing Sean B. was the first to purchase a guitar.
Vic Monk is proud to announce
that the following amazing musicians
are using Vicious Monkey Pedals.
Bernie Worell - P Funk, Bootsy Collins
Warren Hanes - Goverment Mule & Allman Bothers
John Tropea-Solo Artist/Session Guitarist
Griff & JP - Cowboy Mouth
Vinnie Zummo - Joe Jackson/Session Player
Shawn Clement - Clemestry Music/ Film & TV Scorer
Bobby Lee Rodgers - Guitarist/Session Player/Producer/Songwriter
Steve Miceli - Laura Lea & Tripp Fabulous
Todd "The Chinese" Anisman- LA Session Madman
Jake Banaszak- Lower Case Blues
Dominic Galluci- Session guitarist/engineer/Wu Tang Clan, Lady Gaga
Rich Skibinsky- Guitarist for Nalani & Sarina/Engineer/Producer
Justin Stabler- Guitarist for Nalani & Sarina/Producer/Touring Artist
Anthony G. - Session Guitarist
Michael Elia-Singer/Songwriter
Bryan Welsh- Life Like Story
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Video Clip of Vicious Monkey "Balls" Pedal.


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Vicious Monkey Pedals are the creation of Anthony Gemignani, owner of Allstar Music Academy in Flemington, NJ. Trying to make a pedal that not only sounded good but was cool visually, Anthony has taken his childhood buddy, Curious George, and blended him with his own personality to create Vic Monk. The "Balls" Pedal is a Distortion pedal similar to the RAT Pedal with 3 different positions to choose. The "Bite" Pedal is an Overdrive Pedal that is very much like a Tube Screamer. The "Tail" Pedal is our Delay. Very smooth sounds and can get Vicious if you need it to. These pedals are not only going to liven up your pedal board but they will give you that warm sustain and crunch that you need.

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